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Product of the year: Macan 78991, 20"x100' for $95 w/ free shipping for Roland BN-20, BN2-20 printers.

OEM O-Ring M6 for MUTOH Printers, 10 pcs

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SKU DF-46671
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  • OEM MUTOH O-Ring M6
  • Part#DF-46671
  • Qty. 10 per order
  • All OEM parts are final sale without warranty if not installed by a Certified Premier Colour Technician
  • This is a special order product. Please allow an additional 2 business days for processing.


  • Note: O-rings prevent air from leaking into the ink lines. If they are worn out, compressed, or damaged, air may leak into the lines. This can cause visible air bubbles or gaps in the ink lines. This will lead to ink starvation, which can damage printheads. We recommend changing o rings every time the dampers are replaced. 

*** Please note that the minimum amount for all Mutoh products is $150 per order. We kindly ask you to add additional Mutoh items to meet this requirement such as ink cartridges and appreciate your understanding.***