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Product of the year: Macan 78991, 20"x100' for $95 w/ free shipping for Roland BN-20, BN2-20 printers.

Custom Media Roll Cutting Fee

Original price $15.00 - Original price $15.00
Original price
$15.00 - $15.00
Current price $15.00


  • If you have smaller equipment or a specific job that requires a narrower width, we can provide you with the media you want in the size you need!
  • Each cut is $15.00USD. Please add qty. 1 for each cut you want.
  • To prevent order processing delays, please enter your cutting instructions as detailed as possible. Thank you!

Requirements & Conditions

  • This is not a stand-alone product. You must order the desired media rolls that you would like to cut down.
  • We will ship the entire length of the media roll you ordered. If you cut down a 54" roll into 20"/20"/14", you will receive 3 rolls.
  • This is only available for media rolls. We do not cut sheet products.
  • There is an acceptable cutting variance of up to +/- 0.25" for all custom cuts.
  • Minimum width must be at least 3".
  • All custom cut rolls are final sale and non-refundable.