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Product of the year: Macan 78991, 20"x100' for $95 w/ free shipping for Roland BN-20, BN2-20 printers.

Preliminary Printer Inspection

Original price $170.00 - Original price $170.00
Original price
$170.00 - $170.00
Current price $170.00
  • Bring your machine in for inspection / repair. 
  • We will inspect your printer for one hour for $170. 
  • We will provide a report with recommended fixes for your printer.
  • We will need a nozzle check sent to 949-209-7306 after purchase.
  • We will charge $50 storage per day if not picked up within 7 days of our notification.
  • We need up to 7 days to finish the inspection 
  • We only work on Mutoh, Mimaki and Roland printers
  • Our technician has over 10+ years and is certified by Mutoh, Roland and Mimaki