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Need help? ☎️ Call us: +1 (714) 668-9200 or ✉️ Email us:!


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SKU 6000005297
  • Qty 1 OEM Pump from Roland DGA
  • For Roland models: SP-300, SP-540, VP-300, VP-540, BN-20, BN-20A, XF-640, XR-640, RF-640, RE-640, VS-300, VS-540, VS-640. 

New Style Roland Solvent Pump - for Roland printers only

Solvent Ink Pump - for Roland printers. If a head (or bank of heads connected to 1 pump) misfires/gets clogged and you rule out a faulty damper, wiper or broken head, you may have a malfunctioning pump. If after several head cleans and the printhead is still the same, check the pump and replace if necessary.

Note: These newer style pumps are only for Roland printers that have the bracket to hold them in. If your pump looks VERY different than this, then the only way of using the pump is to purchase the pump conversion kit from Roland.