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Need help? ☎️ Call us: +1 (714) 668-9200 or ✉️ Email us:!
Need help? ☎️ Call us: +1 (714) 668-9200 or ✉️ Email us:!

Rapid Tac Application Fluid, 32oz Spray Bottle

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SKU RT-10321-9
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  • Rapid Tac Application Fluid
  • 32oz spray bottle, comes with spray attachment
  • SKU#RT-10321-9
  • Cleans the substrate without leaving residue, ensuring a contaminant-free installation
  • Helps "float" the vinyl film until it is properly positioned
  • A two person job can now be performed by one person in half the time
  • Breaks surface tension of the adhesive on the vinyl film, allowing it to flow and bond to the substrate more effectively than even a dry application
  • Achieve a full bond in as little as 90 seconds
  • For Rapid Installation, Use Rapid Tac!