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Need help? ☎️ Call us: +1 (714) 668-9200 or ✉️ Email us:!
Need help? ☎️ Call us: +1 (714) 668-9200 or ✉️ Email us:!

DX7 DAMPER FOR ROLAND XR-640, XF-640, RF-640, VS300-i, VS-540i, VS-640i, BN-20, RE-640

Precio original $85.00 - Precio original $85.00
Precio original
$85.00 - $85.00
Precio actual $85.00

Qty 1, DX7 Damper for Roland printers

It is not genuine dampers from Roland. But we believe these dampers are as good as genuine ones. O ring color is the same, everything is the same. The only difference is the packaging. We use these dampers on our field repairs for over 5 years without any issues. We only source them from the same vendor. Be mindful with generic dampers. They don't work. 

When do you need to change damper?

It is recommend that you change the dampers with every head change. Dirty dampers impede the flow of ink and you'll get frequent drop-outs, missing jets and ink starvation. Eventually, neglected dampers will damage to the printhead because of overheated jets. If you have a problem where the ink constantly gets drained out of the dampers and ink lines – back into the cartridge, you have an air leak.