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OEM Mutoh MS41 Eco Solvent Ink - 1000ml Bag

SKU MS41-CY1000
  • This is an OEM Product 
  • Buy from an authorized Mutoh dealer from Southern California
  • This item will be shipped either from Premier Colour or Mutoh warehouse Arizona
  • Quantity 1, color of your choice
  • Order online or give us a call 714-668-9200 to place an order 

#MS41LK1000, #MS41CY1000, #MS41MA1000, #MS41YE1000, #MS41BK1000, #MS41LC1000, #MS41LM1000. #MS41LK1000

The MS41 inks are a new generation of cost-effective & low maintenance Eco Solvent inks enabling printing on the widest range of uncoated and coated substrates.

Available in 1 litre ink packs, the 7 colour MS41 inks (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, Lk) feature a wide colour gamut and deliver vibrant high density prints with excellent dot gain. The additional Lc, Lm and Lk colours will bring extra quality to businesses focusing on highest quality prints with smooth skin tones & gradients for short viewing distances. Suited for long term outdoor and indoor applications, Mutoh’s MS41 inks have an excellent weather, abrasion and chemical resistance.