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OEM CAP TOP for Mimaki UJF-3042 MKII AND UJF-6042 MKII (Mimaki Part # M021402)


Quantity 1, Original Cap top for Mimaki UFJ-6042MKII or UJF-3042MKII

    • Buy from an authorized Mimaki dealer
    • Order by 1 pm PST for same day shipping from GA
    • This is Mimaki original part (M021402)

When do you need to change cap top? 

These devices serve 2 purposes - to prevent the printhead from drying out when parked and to assist in priming/sucking out ink from the head. If the rubber around your cap top is bent, brittle or dirty, you will lose suction when the pump is operating - thereby not cleaning your printhead properly. The result is misfiring and printhead clogging. Inspect your Cap Tops often and replace as necessary. It is a yearly replacement part. 

Does it have warranty?

It is sold as is if not installed by Premier Colour certified technician. If installed by us, there will be a 30 days factory warranty on all Mimaki parts that we install. 

Can you install the part for me? 

Yes, our certified technician will install and calibrate this part for you according to factory spec.