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Jetbest Ultra2 Pro Bulk Ink System for Mutoh ValueJet 1324(X)/1624(X)

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  • We receive our smart cards and chips from the manufacturer as is. We do not test them before shipping. We try our best to find the most reliable manufacturer, but Mutoh and Mimaki smart cards and chips have been known to be unreliable on occasion. It is the buyer's responsibility to notify us of an issue within 14 days of receipt. Once 14 days have passed, we are not liable for any faulty smart cards.
  • Installation Instructions
    1) Perform a nozzle check. Test print to compare before and after ink switch.
    2) Take out one refillable cartridge. Insert Cyan smart card. Insert in Cyan slot of printer. Wait until printer says Ready to Print.
    3) Take out Cyan ink bottle. Use pliers to carefully remove the aluminum cap.
    4) Pour Cyan ink into the refillable cartridge using included funnel.
    5) Perform 3 strong cleans.
    6) Perform a nozzle check. Test print. Compare before and after ink switch.
    7) You are now ready to print!
    8) Apply Steps 1-7 on remaining colors.