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Graphtec Super-steel Blade 0.9mm Standard Vinyl Cutting CB09UB


Buy from an authorized Graphtec dealer from S. California. 714-668-9200

Angle 45° Diameter 0.9mm Supersteel blade for vinyl cutting, and self-adhesive marking film (PVC film), up to 0.25 mm thick. The maximum cutting distance is approximately 13,123 Feet.

For use with BLUE TIP PHP33-CB09N-HS Bladeholder.

Note: This is CB09 blade does not come with a spring. For use with PHP33-CB09N Bladeholder (Blue Tip shown)


Do not use with PHP32-CBO9N-HS Blade holder 

Choose 2/pack or 5/pack

Compatible with Graphtec models: 

  • Roll-feed Cutters: CE5000, CE6000, CE6000 Plus Series, FC8600 Series, FC8000
  • Flatbed Cutters: FCX4000, FCX2000, FC2250, FC4500 Series

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