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6 Month Maintenance Plan on Roland XR640/XF640


Six Month Service Plan on Roland XR640, XF640 Eco Solvent Printer

Service Include:

  • Replace Head Wiper
  • Replace Cap Top(s)
  • Replace Mist Sponge
  • Replace Felt Print head Wiper
  • Replace Wiper Scraper
  • Replace Inner Serge Mist Filter
  • Perform full inspection on all major components: belts, motors, pulleys, print heads, carriage and capping stations
  • Perform cleaning of print heads, carriage, capping station, encoder strip, platen, heaters, edge guards & exterior
  • Adjust belt tension, lubricate pulleys, calibrate print head alignment, calibrate paper feed, print/cut, and crop/cut alignments
  • Update printer firmware and update Roland Versaworks software
  • Review condition of machine with operator & make recommendations

Billable Rate: $125 / hour, 2 hours flat, sub total: $250

Travel $60 flat within 60 miles from 92626, sub total $60

Parts include:

Roland Mist Sponge SC/SJ/XC/XJ (p/n#1000000415), $12.61

Roland VS Printhead Wiper (p/n# 1000006517), $33.18

Roland VS Felt Printhead Wiper (p/n# 1000006736), $23.41

Roland VS Wiper, scraper (p/n# 1000006737), $14.91

Roland Filter Inner Sergemist (p/n# 22275122), $12.16

Roland VS Cap Top Assy (p/n# 6702029010), $98.17 x 2 

Sub Total: $292.61

Total: $602.61