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Need help? ☎️ Call us: +1 (714) 668-9200 or ✉️ Email us:!
Need help? ☎️ Call us: +1 (714) 668-9200 or ✉️ Email us:!


Precio original $840.00 - Precio original $840.00
Precio original
$840.00 - $840.00
Precio actual $840.00

What's included for 628, 1628, 1638, 2638 and x models

  • Eight 500ML Eco Solvent Ink Bottle, 2C, 2M, 2Y, 2K 
  • Eight 220ML capacity Refillable Cartridge with Smart Card Slot
  • Eight 1000ml capacity smart card, 2c, 2m, 2y, 2k
  • Print with Mutoh Eco Ultra Ink one color at a time
  • Match Mutoh Eco Ultra Ink Color 
  • No need to flush the printer. Plug in, perform three strong cleans. Ready to print

Steps to convert

  1. Nozzle check, make a print in purpose of comparison before and after ink switch. 
  2. Take out one refillable cartridge, insert C smart card, insert to the C slot of the printer. Printer says ready to print. 
  3. Take out the C ink bottle, remove the aluminum cap by using pliers
  4. Pour the C ink to the refillable cartridge through a provided funnel. 
  5. Perform three strong cleans. 
  6. You are ready to print
  7. Customer Service: 714-668-9200

Terms and conditions: We receive our smart cards from the manufacturer as is. We do not test them before shipping. We try our best to find the most reliable manufacturer, but Mutoh smart cards have been known to be unreliable on occasion. We recommend you “dry run” test the cartridges and smart cards before opening the ink bottles. We do not provide returns or refunds on faulty smart card bulk systems that were not dry run tested first. It is the buyer’s responsibility to notify us of an issue within 14 days of receipt.

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