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JETBEST MAX, 440ML CLEANING CARTRIDGE FOR ROLAND BN20, SC-540, SC-545EX, XC-540, XJ-640, XJ-740, RS-540, RS-640, VP-300, VP-540, SP-300, SP-540, VS-300, VS-540, VS-640

  • One 440ml Jetbest Eco Solvent Cleaning Solution with or without chip 

Option 1 with Chip. Select cleaning cartridge with chip to trick the printer to think that it is a regular color cartridge so you can perform =powerful cleanings under user mode. The printer does not know it is a cleaning cartridge. After flushes, now you could insert the regular ink cartridge and perform the same powerful cleans to flush out the cleaning solution. You should have working cap top for this method. 

Option 2 without Chip. You can select cleaning cartridge without chip. Please consultant with your technician because this will be done under service mode. 

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