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Order by 3PM for same day shipping from S. California
Order by 3PM for same day shipping from S. California


Who is Jetbest?

A true R&D ink manufacturer since 2004 from Taiwan. 

Who is Premier Colour, Inc?

We are the master distributor for Jetbest located in Southern California. We distribute and support Jetbest ink product to resellers, technicians and business. 

Does Jetbest  Eco Solvent ink clog my printhead?

With proper maintenance done to the printer, it is almost impossible to clog the printhead using Jetbest eco solvent ink ink. Jetbest ink incorporated enough cleaning solution in the ink formula so the more you print, the more the printhead is being cleaned at the same time. 

What's the difference in price between Jetbest and OEM ink?

OEM Roland 440ml: $124 vs Jetbest 440ml: $64

OEM Mutoh 440ml: $128 vs Jetbest 440ml: $64

OEM Mimaki 440ml: $110 vs Jetbest 440ml: $64

Is it true that third party require more maintenance?

Yes to a few third party ink company but not to Jetbest ink product. Perform regular maintenance to keep the printer in good working condition. 

How do I discard wasted ink?

It is recommended to check your local regulations are. MSDS sheet is available upon request. 

Will color change switching from OEM to Jetbest? Do I need custom color profile using Jetbest? 

The color gamut of Jetbest ink is very identical to the gamut of the OEM ink.  You do not need to adjust colors and color will stay the same as OEM.

Do I need to flush the ink when I switch from OEM to Jetbest ink?

No flushing is needed. If you are switching from the Mutoh, Roland, Mimaki, Nazdar, Lyson, Solaris, Bordeaux ink. If you are switching from any other brand. Flush is recommended. 

How do I change from OEM to Jetbest?

Remove OEM cartridges, insert Jetbest ink cartridges. Perform three strong cleans. You are ready to print. 

Do you have support for Jetbest ink?

Our in house technicians are factory trained. We support every product we sell including Jetbest ink product. 

What are the maintenance using Jetbest ink? 

Just like using OEM. You are recommended to clean the printhead corners every day before each business day. Dampers are recommended to change 6-8 months. Cap tops are recommended to change every 6-8 months. We do offer onsite maintenance and repairs. Give us a call for more information. 714-668-9200.

What is the outdoor durability using Jetbest ink?

Depends on the locations, methods of printing. For scrim banner printing, unlaminated. Two years outdoor in s. California. 

Why does my printer constantly clean every 6 inches?

Go to menu, ink empty mode. Change from stop to continue. 

How to use Jetbest 500ml bulk ink system?


My Roland VG/SG printer shows error message "HEAD PROTECTION ACTIVATED". What seems to be the problem?

Please give us a call. 

Do you have a wholesale program?

Yes we do. You are either an existing ink reseller or a experience technician, We are more than happy to speak to you about this opportunity. 

Why am I getting ink low error message using bulk ink system?

Each chip from factory is set for 440ml of ink usage. It will give you an ink low error message every 440ml. You can by pass by going to Versawork, edit, preference, click off "show Warning about Ink Shortage". Error message will not show again. Printer will not give warning when the actual ink bottle is low. Replace ink bottle as needed. 

How much money am I saving switching from Roland Eco Sol Max 220 to Jetbest 500ml bottle? 

** By switching from Roland Eco Sol Max 220ml ($75) ink cartridge to Jetbest 500ml ($35) bottle, you are saving $35 for every cartridge you replace. Savings for two set of ink cartridge per month would be $320. 

I can't decide to use 440ml or bulk ink system. What's the difference?

Jetbest ink is the same for both 440ml cartridge and bulk ink bottle. If you are not using more than 2 sets per month, stay with cartridge form because ink is enclosed in an aluminum bag.