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Jetbest Ink User Review


Simon H. Feb, 2021

Best thing I ever did was switch to jetbest inks

James A. D, Feb 2021

I've been using JetBest bulk ink in my VS540i for several years. Not a single problem - colors are perfect - cost is even better. (Roland 440ml EcoSol Max2 $115+/- versus 500ml JetBest $35.)


Joseph S., Jan 2021

jetbest ink and original ink is almost same.. ive been using same ink almost 5years .. but if you need a long last print need to laminate the sticker


Brian R., Jan 2021
i feel better seeing all the magenta feel like i go through twice as much magenta than any other color. and i love my jet best inks has saved me so much
Cody N., Jan 2021
Best ink by far
Johnathan A., Jan 2021
These are great inks and are durable as well i have used on many applications from store fronts, floor graphics, printed heat transfer vinyls, banners, and much more and they have lasted just as good as the roland ink i had worked with before
Nick M., Jan 2021
love my jetbest inks!!!
Christina N., Jan 2021
Dam awesome ink! I got it and absolutely love it!!!



Sean, Dec 2020
The ink holds up just as well as OEM in my opinion. We do lots of coro signs, banners and such that receive no lamination, no issues to speak of, no customers coming back with any complaints. *I will state that "fading/color" is different than "scratching/abrasions" - if you hit a banner or yard sign with something sharp/hard enough to make a mark it will do so, but keeping color without major fading isn't an issue.
Autoexebat, Dec 2020
Go with JETBEST , They are the best to deal with .
Sean, August 2020
You're welcome Francis, actually we've been using the ink since around 2010-2011, IIRC.  Again, been very happy since we started using it - and definitely has saved us a lot over OEM. (Never any head problems, clogging, colors are nearly identical to OEM, etc...)
Bubba, August 2020
I have used jetbest in my Mutoh for 3 years. Never any issues, saved many thousands.
Sean, August 2020
Long time JetBest user, always been very happy with both the ink and service from Premiercolour.
Impression G., June 2020 
All my Roland printer use Jetbest. Excellent quality print we get when we use Roland color swatch and Roland profiles.
Glen B., June 2020
I have been using jetbest bulk system on my SP300-V for a little over 6 months now with no issues and I notice better print quality with the jetbest inks.
Simon H., June 2020
I switched to jetbest just over a year ago and I think they are much nicer with bolder colours. My clients think the same I informed my regulars I was changing inks and they all agree the prints are more vibrant. And the best bit for us is they don't smell as much at OEM
Ronald E., June 2020
 my worker asked why does the prints look “nicer”. I thought that but they verified it. She had no way of knowing I switched the inks to JetBest. She’s help so she really knows nothing about printing. She’s helps with screen printing and large format cutting.
Tommy R., June 2020 
I used it for 1.5 years no problems at all .... quality stuff I got it from premier color out of Orange County ... their customer service is top notch ... they even helped me once on a Sunday in a bind ! The ink is just as good if not better than Roland for the buck !  All day long jet best .... never had an issue and colors were always on point for me
Mike G., June 2020
I have customers using it that are getting better reds and oranges with Jetbest
Paul C., June 2020 
I've been using Jet Best ink fir 5 years and not a single problem. They are vibrant and sturdy inks. Also. They use the best bulk delivery method as they use sealed bottle and carts.

Johnnatan A., June 2020 
He is a great guy and great products. I have nothing but good things tonsay about his ink prices and reliability of help. I highly recommend his inks and company
Simon H., June 2020
I've been useing jetbest for over a year now more than halved my ink costs and they don't smell as bad as the Roland inks. And they hold up better also
Gaz C, June 2020
We run 12 cart on our soljets from Jetbest with no issues either
Gozho E. June 2020
Joining the Jetbest wave. Order received from South Africa Supplier!

Nik R. June 2020
My supplier sells small Roland 220cc cartridges for $70 each
440cc for $130 each
Sign 55 ink 440c for $86 each...
500cc for $35!!!
Ronald E. June 2020
Nice. Love that ink so far. Savings and prints are great.
Yolanda M, June 2020
that's what I use! It saves me so much money. 
Kristijan A, June 2020
We have been using Jetbest for years, I don't see any difference except money savings 🙂
Marc G, 1/20/20
We have bought a lot of solvent Jet Best inks for our old machines in the past with good results.
Tommy Chavez, 8/11/19

I just wanna say thank you for all the help and the solution you guys are definitely a stand up company in my book 

Jason, Accerated Graphics, 7/17/19

No problem! You all are great to work with!  Very happy customer over here.

Walter, Tadeo GDS, 7/2/2019

Premier Colour Ink Customer Service is AMAZING!!! I order a couple of inks on Monday around 4:45pm on the phone, and on Tuesday at 10:00 am the inks were here!!!! It took less time to get the inks than to get charged for them! LOL.

And the ink itself work just as good as the Roland. Same exact colors. I have very demanding customers about color and they can't tell the difference. Thank You!!, Autoexebat, 3/26/2019

JetBest is by far the best to deal with , I don't see myself ever going with anyone else ., Studio10, 3/27/2019

I used jetbest ink on Mutoh Rockhopper I with DX2 printhead for several years with no problems. I suppose it can be used on FJ-52 with same heads (supose other parts are solvent resistant).

Signs101, Jetbest VS STS, 2/25/2019

Adam, Simi Valley, CA, 12/15/18

“Best digital print media we’ve ever used in the past 12 years!  The easiest and fastest application times are achievable with this air release media.  Super-fast dry time.  Thick and durable.  Beautiful semi-gloss shine!  Used, Oracal 3164M and 3164G for over 10 years.  Tried Arlon air release and it was so thin that it stretched the graphics upon application.  Found this Air Release from Premier Colour and we couldn’t be happier.  We apply graphics to substrates immediately after it comes off of the printer without any hassle or difficulty.  Our prints have never looked better.  I can train a new graphic applicator in 1 day with this new media.  5 star product.  5 star company.” 

Bubba, Manning, South Carolina, 6/15/2018

I have been getting my inks (JetBest), smart cards, and cartridges from Premier Color for about a year now. It has been nothing but a pleasure. Francis, and his team are great, and they have great products. I am in SC, and they get it to me in 3 days, sometimes 2. Their service is second to none. I have had printer issues, and Francis has always been eager to help me out over the phone. Premier Colour is the best. 

Steve, Santa Ana, CA, 12/12/18

Dear Francis:
I want to thank you for the excellent service you have provided us over the
last couple of months. The nature of our business requires that we complete
print jobs within 24-36 hours. When our printer broke down you helped us
complete our orders in that time frame.
Your service department helped us get our printer repaired and has provided
us with the supplies needed to keep us running.

gabagoo, June 2017
I run Jet Best n my Mimaki and have found them to be much better than OEM in that I never ever get banding anymore and the ink is much more scuff resistant. The price is about half the cost of OEM.